Our Mission

Stonewall Alliance is committed to cultivating a safe, open, inclusive environment for all members of the gender and sexual minority (GSM)* and ally community. Stonewall Alliance unites, strengthens, and affirms the community through support, resources, education, advocacy, and celebration.

Our Story

The Stonewall Alliance of Chico is a non-profit agency serving the Northern Sacramento Valley of California. We have an eleven-seat Board of Directors and a variety of volunteer and staff positions. Committees for fundraising, programming, policy, and audit are all staffed by board members, program staff, and community members. An executive committee, composed of the board officers, performs the chief executive functions of the organization.

We know that too often gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people face discrimination and rejection because of who they love. The Stonewall Alliance Center exists to provide a connection to community in an effort to lessen isolation of, strengthen the spirit of, and give voice to the disenfranchised. Our philosophy involves the simple concept that labels are only valuable when they are self-applied. We accept and acknowledge the labels, or lack thereof, you apply to yourself. For young people with questions, it is critical that understanding comes before labels. The Stonewall Alliance Center straddles the junction between personal identity and community. Our success and our strength as an organization are due to the support of our community. Feel free to explore our site and learn about the services offered by The Center. In the menu bar, you will find categories which identify The Center’s services. We appreciate your interest and support in our efforts.