About Us

The Stonewall Alliance Center offers a range of services to help connect people with their community and the surrounding areas. We serve to unite and strengthen individuals and the community. Volunteers and staff provide information on activities and events and offer referrals for services. We are open, safe, and inclusive for all people. We are an active resource for the LGBT*QI community which provides information, advocacy, referrals, and support to those all people.

Our Education & Outreach programs give community members access to the Harlan Adams Memorial Library, Out Education classes, speaker’s panels delivered to local colleges, and presenters invited to provide area organizations and groups with information.

SAY! Stonewall Alliance Youth operates two groups with discussions and activities. SAY! Teens is for individuals under 18 years old, and SAY! Twenties is for 18-29 year olds. Each of our SAY groups meet weekly and participate in a variety of social activities.

Our Recreation & Social program has discussion groups, dining groups, co-ed activities, and special events such as Harvest Feast and Pride.

Besides our formal programs, Center volunteers mobilize the community response to specific events or challenges. Examples include an assault and rape on a community member outside a local bar and political attacks from a city council member. Statewide anti-gay initiatives trigger education campaigns to get people informed and promote voter registration. Domestic violence, aging, anti-tobacco, and anti-drug campaigns all deliver their message through the Stonewall Alliance Center.