Letter from the Board’s Chair

It is hard for me to express how excited and thrilled I am about what Stonewall has been accomplishing. It is deep and resounding.

Stonewall has made some amazing strides in the past two years.

Over the past two years, we have increased the visibility of Stonewall exponentially through gaining publicly by being at the Thursday Night Market, tabling at other venues, promoting events, and speaking out to the media. Behind the scenes, we have been getting involved with other agencies and organizations, fostering relationships with local businesses and much more. We are making more people in Chico and Butte County aware that we exist. That makes a difference. We are taking our place among all the other people in our larger community, and we are seeing results.

Through our Prevention Early Intervention (PEI) “SAYes” project, funded through a Butte County Department of Behavioral Health MHSA grant, we interact with Butte County Mental Health and most of the service providers in Butte County. They are learning who we are, that we are here, AND they want to learn more. They want to know how they can serve our community better.

The Stonewall Chico Pride event at the end of August was a huge event, spanning three days. It included a festival in the downtown Plaza, a teen dance, and several other events. Pride took months to plan and was a huge success. Over three-thousand people joined us in celebrating Stonewall Chico Pride 2011. Thank you again for your participation, support of our organization, and sponsorship.

Three ways you can help:

We want to keep providing more and more for the community. We hear about many needs in the community that we want to address. I wish we could do it all.. We can do a lot more if you can help in any of the following ways:

  1. Volunteer - Help make something happen, even if it means you just come hang out in the office and see what goes on, listen, and contribute.
  2. Communicate - Tell us what you need and want, tell us what you are willing to do to help; constructive criticism is invited.
  3. Contribute - Make a donation or commit to be being a Rainbow Alliance Member. Contribute on a regular basis, either large or small. Your contributions to the center allow us to continue operating; they also give you a part in making it happen. Each contribution is a commitment to our community, an acknowledgement that our presence is worthwhile, a ray of hope for some that feels alone and desperate, and a way for you to feel good and be part of making great things happen.

We have a lot of very dedicated volunteers including our group leaders, HIV counselors, Thursday Night Market helpers, committee and project leaders, our board members, people that volunteer to answer the phones and cut and fold leaflets, hang posters, event coordinators and committee members. I want to thank you all. You make Stonewall work. I urge the rest of you to help out. Being a participant is rewarding. Being part of the change is rewarding. Even if you have been there done that, well do it again. Re-engage – stay engaged.

There are so many things that we would like to see happen. I am sure there are things you would like to see happen. Working together, we get a lot done.