Stonewall Alliance Center’s (SAC) transgender support group is an inclusive peer-support, discussion, and social group for those who were assigned male or female genders at birth and who now identify otherwise, including: trans, MTO, FTO, genderfluid, MTM, FTF, transman, transwoman, genderqueer, affirmed male, affirmed female, FTM, MTF, two-spirit, 3rd gender, androgynous, intersex, questioning and/or, etc. The meetings are open and welcoming to anyone who identifies within the Trans spectrum, regardless of where people are in the transition process, or if they choose to transition.

The group is facilitated by Conner Wenzel while maintaining the goal of participants developing a sense of group ownership. Participants are encouraged to give input, lead discussions, and provide discussion topics. The hope is that participants will feel that it is their group, so they can make it what they want.

Some ideas for meeting topics include:

  • Body image
  • Transition/post-transition
  • Living outside of the gender binary
  • Relationships and sexuality
  • Medical and emotional health
  • Gender presentation/”passing”
  • Coming out

What is Transgender?

Transgender: an umbrella term that can be used to describe people whose gender expression varies nonconforming and/or whose gender identity is different from their assigned sex at birth. This term can include transsexuals, genderqueers, cross-dressers, and others whose gender expression varies from traditional norms.

Transsexual: a term for someone who transitions from one physical sex to another in order to bring his or her body more in line with his or her innate sense of gender identity. It includes those who were born male but whose gender identity is female, and those who were born female but whose gender identity is male, as well as people who may not clearly identify as either female or male. Transsexual people have the same range of gender identities and gender expression as non-transsexual people. Many transsexual people refer to themselves as transgender.

Genderqueer: a term of self-identification for people who do not identify with the restrictive and binary terms that have traditionally described gender identity (for instance, male or female only).

Transition: the time period when a transgender person starts living as the gender he or she identifies as. Often includes a change in style of dress, selection of a new name, a request that people use the correct pronoun, and possibly hormone therapy and/or surgery.

These definitions are from the National Recommended Best Practices for Serving LGBT*QI+ Homeless Youth


Our group is open to anyone who identifies on the transgender spectrum. Meetings are open to friends, family members, partners, and allies. We meet at 6:00PM every Thursday of the month at Stonewall Alliance Center. Contact Conner at for more information about this vibrant group.

Watch our calendar and Facebook page for information and event dates. If you are in need of resources or more information, please visit our resource page.

Transgender Stonewall Group

The trans* group is open to anyone that identifies on the transgender spectrum. Meetings are open to friends, family, partners, and allies. The group meets every Thursday at 6:00pm. Contact for more information.

Trans* Teens Group

A group for Trans* Identified Youth (ages 14-18) open and welcoming to anyone within the Trans* spectrum, no matter where people are at within their transition process, or if they chose to transition. A place to hang out, get to know other teens in the community, get support, share experiences, and be involved. Youth help decide and choose the events and activities that will be offered through the group at 6:30pm, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.

Parents of Trans* Youth Group

This is a supporting group of the Trans Teen Group, it meets at the Stonewall Chico Counselling Office during the times of the Trans Teen Group, 6:45pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Designed to coincide with the Teen Group, though parental figures of all Trans* people are welcome. Email for more information.

Trans* Week

Trans* Week is an outgrowth of International Transgender Day of Visibility which aims to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans* people around the globe and to the need for trans* visibility. It is a day to show your support for the trans* community. We in Chico have created an entire week+ of events to educate, celebrate, honor and bring more awareness to trans* people and proactively make sure they are included in all aspects of our community.

Visit our Trans* Week Webpage!