Trans* Week Professional Trainings

295 E. Washington St. (First Christian Church’s Koinonia Hall)

2 Days of trainings for professionals serving the transgender and gender non-conforming community, led by experts in a variety of fields.


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Day 1: March 28th 2019, 5-9pm

Focus On: Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth

Ideal For: Families, Education and Social Service Professionals. Youth welcome to attend free of charge.

A growing number of young people, encouraged by conversations around gender identity becoming more acceptable, are realizing their authentic selves and coming out as transgender, gender-expansive or nonbinary. But being young and trans* can be difficult, confusing and dangerous. Without the proper guidance and support, these youth are at risk of depression, withdrawal, isolation and even suicide. Meet educators, parents and counselors who have studied and lived the reality of caring for trans* youth. Learn critical skills and information to help trans* children feel safe, confident and connected so they can grow and thrive.

$35 Registration (includes evening meal). Discounted if taken together with Day 2 training. Need-based scholarships available for those unable to pay.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding trans* identities and terminology
  • Talking to children about gender
  • What is Gender Dysphoria?
  • Parents, peers and the outside world
  • Creating trans*-inclusive systems & spaces
  • Transitional tools: from prescriptions to undergarments
  • What to do when a child comes out to you
  • Rights & protections in the education and child services systems
  • Resources for children, families and professionals

Day 2: March 29th 2019, 8:00am-5:30pm

Focus On: Trans* Medical and Mental Health
CMEs and CEs available!

Ideal For: Medical professionals, mental health professionals, office staff. Trans* community members welcome to attend.

Transgender care is a rapidly growing field in the Northstate. Nearly 1.5% of California’s population identifies as transgender, nonbinary or gender-expansive (trans*), yet only a few local providers feel confident enough to serve the population. The result is an overflow of trans* patients and clients without access to proper medical or mental health care. This training, appropriate for anyone in the field including nurses, doctors, therapists, counselors or office staff, will prepare you to provide the service trans* people need and expand your clientele.

Registration: $65 with CMEs/ CEs, $50 without. (Includes breakfast & afternoon refreshments). Discounted if taken together with Day 1 training. Need-based scholarships available for those unable to pay.

Topics Include:

  • The Gender Dysphoria diagnosis
  • Gender-affirming hormones, puberty blockers for teens & prescriptions
  • Understanding trans* identities & terminology
  • Medical protocol & informed consent
  • Gender-affirming surgeries
  • Navigating insurance & patient rights
  • Unique issues in trans* mental health: adults & children
  • Creating trans*-inclusive systems & spaces
  • Understanding and overcoming obstacles to accessing trans– competent healthcare

Trans* Week Art Show

March 28-31, 2019

MONCA (Museum of Northern California Art)

Stonewall’s annual Trans* Week Art Show provides opportunities for creative expressions that support and promote the experiences of transgender, 2-Spirit, nonbinary and gender non-conforming people, bringing visibility to the community. First-person perspectives on the trans* experience are sought, as well as all art by or about trans* people and their lives, struggles, and accomplishments and contributions. Artist submission forms coming soon.

Trans* Community Luncheon
& Self-Care Sessions

March 30th 2019, 11am-1pm

295 E. Washington St. (First Christian Church’s Koinonia Hall)

A free luncheon for anyone identifying as transgender, trans, 2-Spirit, gender-expansive, nonbinary or gender non-conforming. Includes sessions on art and nurturing creativity, breath and bodywork, and techniques for calming anxiety.

GIFT (Gender Inclusive For Teens) Dance

March 30th 2019, 7-10pm

295 E. Washington St. (First Christian Church’s Koinonia Hall)

A fun social event for teens of all genders ages 13-18, planned and organized by a committee of Stonewall staff, volunteers, and teens from our trans* teen and lgbtqi+ teen groups. DJ dancing, games and activities, informational booths, and refreshments- all free!